Custom Quacks

At Lucky Ducks, we take pride in providing personalised orders to meet your individual requirements. We have what you need, whether you're looking for items featuring your local sports team, a chosen charity, a custom wedding momento, or looking for corporate gifts. We guarantee that your customisation requests are satisfied with the utmost attention to detail.

We class our designs into 2 categories simple re-design and complete re-design.

1. Simple re-design. Changing a county quack into a local sports team by changing name or slight changes of colour. For this we have a minimum order quantity of 50pcs.

2. Complete re-design. This is when we take an idea and turn it into a finished product. This has a higher MOQ and a longer lead time. MOQ's are generally 100pcs +. This process can include design fee depending on the complexity of your idea.

Please see below a step by step guide to our process of creating a custom quack. This Product was designed and manufactured for Silver Hill Duck company by Lucky Ducks as a corporate gift.

  • 1. Concept

    Bring your idea to us and lets discuss a few possibilities.

  • 2. Sketch out our ideas

    We put pen to paper on our ideas and see what they look like.

  • 3. Create computer images of your very own Custom Quack

    After selecting a sketch that you like we create a computer based image of it.

  • 4. Make Samples

    Once you have signed off the concept and aproved our designs we will continue to the samples stage. Where we create a sample of the design.

  • 5. Production

    Once sample is approved we start producing your Custom Quack

  • 6. Completion, Packaging & Shipping

    We can also provide custom display boxes to keep you unique gift safe and sound as the travel to their final destination.